Escape War - La guerra non è mai stata così divertente

It’s not only a game
It’s an immersive adventure!!

Escape War is the perfect mix of simulated warfare and logic games. Take up your assault rifle to defend yourself from enemies and use your intuition to solve puzzles that will allow you to proceed on your mission!

Escape War will allow you to live an experience that will push you beyond your limits! You watched movies, played video games ... now live a first-person experience! The time to find out what you are truly capable of has come...




Different game modes


Soldier! You do not know what to expect?

Here is a series of answers to some of the questions you may have ... Intelligence, tactical acumen, collaboration skills and a good dose of shrewdness are the required characteristics
But beware, only the best will be able to pass our strict selection!

  • What is Escape War®
    Escape War® is a tactical laser tag game with elements of live escape games. We have set up an arena where participants must use the weapons at their disposal to face enemies, but at the same time use their intellect and collaborate with teammates to find clues, solve a series of puzzles and fulfill the main mission within the predetermined time.

  • Why should i play this game?
    It is an extremely different experience from traditional group activities. You can test your survival and problem solving skills in a practical way and have fun.

  • How many are played?
    The number of participants allowed varies according to the type of experience chosen. In any case, the group can be formed from a minimum of 6 up to a maximum of 20 people.

  • Is it forbidden to do something?
    Yes. It is forbidden to smoke and use devices such as tablets, mobile phones or cameras inside the entire hotel.

  • Is special clothing necessary?
    No, the game does not require specific clothing. However, we recommend comfortable clothing.

  • What time should we arrive?
    We advise you to arrive at least 15 minutes before the booking time to complete some preliminary operations. Please do not delay in respecting the next group.

  • Is it necessary to book?
    Yes, the reservation is mandatory and must be made by phone or through this site by clicking on the BOOK button.

  • Is it possible to cancel a reservation?
    It is possible to cancel a reservation by replying to the confirmation email. We would like the cancellation to be made within 24 hours of the booking date, for organizational reasons and to allow other teams to book the arena.


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20138 - MILANO (MI)


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